Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Vegan Eats | Nakd Bars

Woo, it's good to be back!  It feels a bit difficult to keep up with the blogging game when much of your home town (York, in case you're wondering) gets flooded.  Thankfully the flood water didn't hit us, although it got scarily close.

Today's post is hopefully the first of many, about some of the fab snacks I've been trying since I decided to switch to a vegan diet.  The most recent snacks I've been sampling are the very tasty Nakd Bars, a range of healthy snack bars that were kindly sent to me by Natural Balance Foods.

Natural Balance Foods | Nakd Bars

I've always been a bit of a fan of Nakd Bars, the ingredients list is mercifully short and there is never anything in the bars that isn't immediately recognisable as food.  There are no refined sugars or processed rubbish in them either, just lovely wholefoods, dried fruits and nuts with a few spices and natural flavourings depending on the flavour.

Natural Balance Foods | Nakd Bars

My local shops don't stock anywhere near enough of the flavours so what's great about getting a case of these bars direct is that I can sample loads of flavours at once.  There haven't been any arguments about who gets what in our house either, Gaz goes for the chocolate flavours, like Cocoa Mint or Cocoa Orange, and I always like the fruit based ones, like Rhubarb & Custard or Berry Delight.  I don't think either of us have found a flavour we don't like yet.

Natural Balance Foods | Nakd Bars

I've gotten into the habit of always having Nakd Bars on hand, whether that's one in my handbag or rucksack or a few in my desk drawer at work.  I've only been vegan for just over two months now but on those odd occasions where I've been caught out with no easy access to food that I can eat, these bars have been a bit of a lifesaver.  I even like to have one after I've been to the gym, if I just need a quick hit of calories.

If you fancy trying some stuff from Natural Balance Foods, their website is great to have a look around.  In the meantime, leave me a comment below, I'd love to hear what your favourite healthy snacks are!



  1. I freakin LOVE Nakd bars, and the little nibbles bags and infused raisins they do too! I'm a Nakd addict I think haha, and proud! SO tasty, they're perfect to have on hand when I'm working a long shift in work or need a quick sweet tooth fix when I don't want to reach for another chocolate bar! My favourites are cookie dough and banana bread!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Nakd bars are so bloody good aren't they? I've been eating tonnes of them since this post, it's kind of sad but I've even gone to different shops to find different flavours :) x


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