Sunday, 15 November 2015

DIY Beauty | #MiraMessMakers

There's no doubt about it, in my lifetime I've spent an absolute fortune on beauty products.  It's a shameful amount really, particularly when you consider how much of the stuff you buy in Boots and Superdrug, [particularly when it comes to bodycare) doesn't seem to have a lot to it.

You can probably see then why I was intrigued when Mira Showers and Midas Touch Crafts challenged me to whip up some beauty products of my very own as part of their #MiraMessMakers campaign?

A quick Google of DIY beauty made it obvious there were so many different things I could make, but I decided to start simple and stick with some favourites product types, and those that I could make with just a few ingredients...


The ingredients: Coconut oil, vitamin e tablet, vanilla extract or vanilla essential oil, cocoa powder.

The method: Add a couple of generous spoons of coconut oil to a bowl, squeeze in a vitamin c tablet, a couple of drops of vanilla extract and follow with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.  Give everything a vigorous stir to incorporate and decant into whatever storage you fancy.  I bought a little kilner jar especially for the occasion, if I was feeling fancy I might even have decorated it.

The result: Oh em gee, this stuff smells good, and it works pretty nicely too.  I get a bit dry on my upper arms and elbows and the combination of the coconut oil and vitamin E is rich and soothing, great on damp skin just after a shower.  I'll definitely make something like this again on occasion, but might mix up the scented ingredients a bit.


The ingredients: Brown sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon and coconut oil

The method: I used a heaped tablespoon of brown sugar and added a large pinch of cocoa powder and a smaller pinch of cinnamon.  Finally I used a heaped teapspoon of coconut oil and stirred my concoction well until everything was mixed.  I put my final product into an old lip scrub container from Lush, appropriate I thought!

The result: Ok, I definitely used entirely too much cocoa powder, resulting in a very dark lip scrub.  The colour hasn't changed the efficacy though, the sugar was just the right amount of scrubby and the coconut oil left my lips feeling lovely and nourished.  The chocolate and cinnamon were lovely flavours but I'd really like to try and recreate my favourite Lush lip scrub (Mint Julips if you're wondering) next time so will probably remove the cinnamon and add some mint essential oil. Yum!


Although I can't say I'll be cooking up new beauty products every week, I will definitely keep making my own lip scrub and might even venture into making some face masks with products from my kitchen.

Have you made your own beauty products before?  I'd love to hear about your favourite recipes!



  1. Ooo the lip scrub sounds amazing! I am addicted to all things cinnamon! The only danger here is that I know I'd end up eating it haha! I really should give making my own beauty products a try, so much cheaper and better for our skin!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. AHHH I'm with Sarah - the lip scrub sounds like a winner. I'd probably also eat it haha!

    Corinne x


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