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Food | Review of Winner Winner, York

Winner Winner in York is bloody awesome!  I know I'm supposed to be all balanced and stuff in my reviews, but sometimes you just can't hold back, and this is definitely one of those occasions.

I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I didn't find this little gem of a restaurant sooner, I mean it has everything I like, great food, quality cocktails and it's location on King's Staith (right on the riverside in York if you're not sure) is ideal!

Winner Winner Restaurant, York
Winner Winner Restaurant, York
At less than a year old, Winner Winner is doing brilliantly in the York restaurant scene, it has many a regular customer amongst my friends, and that number is only growing.  It's easy to see why too, from the all-American menu to the decor (seriously you could totally see Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives rocking up to do some filming) and everything in between, you can tell that the owners Jayne and Michael have loads of restaurant experience and a real passion for what they do.

The menu at this place is a bit of a revelation for York, it's the kind of American soul food that can often come out a bit sad and greasy when it's attempted, but here it's impeccable.  Each of the recipes was designed by Michael, inspired by a road trip he did in America; everything is made from scratch and most importantly its frickin tasty!

Winner Winner Restaurant, York
Winner Winner Restaurant, York

Gaz and I visited Winner Winner for the first time on a really sunny afternoon and despite how busy it was, we were seated and furnished with drinks really quickly; there was an abundance of great looking cocktails to choose from but for some reason we were being tee total, Gaz went for an iced vanilla latte and I had a raspberry iced tea, both drinks were really refreshing in the hot summer sun.

Thirst quenched, we hastily moved onto the food menu, and damn was there a lot to choose from!  There were breakfast dishes, salads, BBQ, seafood, burgers, honestly just every taste seems to be catered for.  Understandably I think, we took a while to choose what we wanted to try, but eventually went for hushpuppies to start (we shared) and for the main the rather intriguingly named Famous Porker (for Gaz) and the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (for me). 

Winner Winner Restaurant, York
Winner Winner Restaurant, York

You can probably see from the picture that the portion of hushpuppies when it arrived was ginormous, so kind of anticipating the size of the mains I left most of them to Gaz.  The one I did try was delicous though.  Hushpuppies are kind of like deep fried balls of cornbread so they carry flavour well; these ones were a little bit cheesy and spicy and dipped in the 'gringo sauce', a really mild salsa, they were tasty as hell.

Not long after finishing the hushpuppies, the mains arrived!  I was assured by Gaz that the Famous Porker was delicious, it was a double cheeseburger, topped with pulled pork and served with fries.  I did try a little bit of the pulled pork, which was easily some of the best I've had (sorry Red's True BBQ) and his fries were perfect.

Winner Winner Restaurant, York

The Famous Porker couldn't compare to my Winner Winner Chicken Dinner though.  It combined two really fluffy delicious waffles with the most incredible fried chicken; all breast meat, skin off, coated in a really well-seasoned batter.  To top it off it came with a couple of slices of bacon and a generous drizzle of maple syrup.  There's a reason this savoury and sweet combo is a classic in parts of America, it was about as epic as food can get.

I really wish I'd have been able to sample more from Winner Winner on this first visit but I was so stuffed I couldn't if I tried.  Rest assured I'll be back though, probably lots, and in the very near future.

Haven't been to Winner Winner yet?  Check them out in all there awesomeness here, then jump in your car or get a taxi/bus/train, quick!  Don't worry, I'm sure they'll save you a table!

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  1. Mmm looks amazing, really sorry now we didn't get in when we tried - next time for sure!


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