Thursday, 16 July 2015

Life | When It All Gets A Bit Sh*t...

I try not to get massively negative about things, but sometimes life just gets a bit shit, you know what I mean?

Between my house getting burgled in February, my energy hitting rock bottom and getting diagnosed with hypothyroidism and then a family member ending up in court (for something that wasn't their fault) it's all felt like a bit much to take!

But not for me the furrowed brow (as my favourite vampire slayer once said).  I figure life is all about how you decide to deal with things and so I've got myself a new-found determination to keep being my usual chilled self and to make sure I'm doing things, however little, to make my life happier.

So far that's meant taking some time off work, having a weekend away with my husband, indulging in a bit of pampering, and even writing on StargazyEyes again.

Here's hoping a positive attitude can help my life turn a corner eh?  Until next time...



  1. That’s your bad run over, it’s all good from now on :) But yay for the positive attitude. To be fair I can’t believe how chilled you have been throughout it all. ONWARDS & UPWARDS x

    1. I certainly hope the bad run is over haha! I don't stay down for too long (or try not to at least), just seems like a waste of energy to me x

  2. Loving the Slayer reference! Still in awe at how well you cope with so much crap, you rock! x


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