Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Work It Out Wednesday #2 | 90 Day SSS Plan First impressions

Woo check me out keeping up with my new series, I hope this becomes a habit for a very long time!  As promised in my first Work It Out Wednesday post, every week I'll be posting something relating to my continuing efforts to improve my health and fitness.  This week that something is my first impressions of the 90 Day Shape, Shift and Sustain Plan from the Body Coach.

The Body Coach 90 Day Shape, Shift & Sustain Plan - 90 Day SSS Plan

I feel like you have to have been living under a rock recently to not have seen Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach on social media.  His #LeanIn15 recipe videos are all over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and more recently Joe himself has been appearing on TV and in newspapers and magazines.

Although I'd followed Joe on Instagram for a good 6 months, it was my husband Gaz who decided to sign up to his programme initially, and after a month of trying it himself, seeing my struggle with the diet my PT had me on, coupled with the issues I've been having with my thyroid, he decided to pay to sign me up too.  I was over the moon.

At £149 (we had a discount code that Gaz used for me) the 90 Day SSS Plan isn't exactly cheap, so I imagine you'll be wondering what you get for the cash?  Well as the name suggests you get a 90 day healthy eating and fitness plan, split into three cycles, specifically tailored to help you burn fat, build lean muscle and sustain your new physique in the long term.

When Cycle One arrived in my inbox I was really surprised about the wealth of information, yes you get recipes and workout plans as you'd suspect, but what I hadn't expected so much was the level of nutritional information I was getting and it's started to help me understand how and when I need to fuel my body.

So what did I find when I started the plan?  Five days in and I was completely knackered, I'd done two HIIT sessions (of the four-five required per week) and the famed giant portion sizes that I'd seen everyone talk about didn't seem that big at all.  I was starving at times and so very tired, so didn't think I could sustain the plan long term, but a few days later something just clicked.  The food was keeping me fuelled all day and the HIIT training became challenging but oddly energising.

As it is I'm more comfortable with the plan and really looking forward to seeing what it does for me.  Since submitting my starting measurements, I haven't been near the scales or a tape measure, and I won't again until it's time to submit my Cycle One Results.  Of course I'll share more about the plan as I progress through the three cycles, fingers crossed the results are good!

If you'd like to know more about The Body Coach and the 90 Day SSS Plan, you can find all the info you need here.

Have you embarked on a healthy eating plan recently, or have you tried the 90 Day SSS Plan yourself?


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  1. Sounds awesome! Looking forward to reading more about it, might even brave giving it a go if you think it's good! x


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