Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Work It Out Wednesday #1 | My Struggle to Lose Weight

Welcome to Work It Out Wednesday!  This is the first in a new (hopefully weekly) series on my blog where I'll be musing over anything and everything related to my continuous struggles to improve my fitness, diet and overall health.

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In this first post I feel like it's important to be clear about one fact - I want (and need) to lose weight.  I wish I could be like some of the amazing plus size bloggers that are around right now and say I was happy the way I am, but the reality is that I'm not.  I'm not comfortable in my own skin, I feel self conscious and ashamed of my size and in all honesty I worry about weight-related health issues as I get older.

You'll probably know from my posts on Twitter that exercise and eating clean have become a massive part of my life again in the last year or so and I love the feeling I get from being active and feeding my body well; it's become incredibly demoralising at times though to just not see any major changes.  It hits me particularly hard when I see people I know doing less and getting far greater results, so much so that on occasions I'll admit I've fallen off the wagon in the most spectacular fashion and gone back to my old (decidedly terrible) eating habits.

All of this being said there are a few silver linings around these clouds of mine!  I've made a lot of changes to my diet in the last couple of weeks which feel really good, I'm working with an awesome Personal Trainer who's improving my strength no end, and finally I've got an early diagnosis of Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland) from my Doctor.  I know being diagnosed with any condition like this is a weird thing to see as a positive, but from my point of view it explains a lot about my weight gain and lack of energy sometimes (amongst a whole raft of other symptoms).

Overall, I'm still determined to make a difference to my health and my body; this series will undoubtedly help me with that; I hope it might prove useful to some other people too.  Until next time...



  1. Good luck on your journey I look forward to weekly updates!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm hoping I'll have some more positive posts soon! :)


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