Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Beauty | The Body Shop at White Rose, Leeds

Check me out, yet another beauty event, I felt like quite the social butterfly during April.  This particular event I only really heard about by chance when Leah, the manager of The Body Shop at the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds, tweeted about it.

The Body Shop, White Rose, Leeds

The main focus of the evening was to introduce us to a whole raft of newly released and upcoming products from The Body Shop.  There were so many products that were demonstrated and that we got to play with ourselves, but here are my favourites from the night.

The Body Shop, Fuji Green Tea

Fuji Green Tea

The real star of the Fuji Green Tea body range, and I think the product that everyone in the beauty community seems to be talking about is the Bath Tea.  Yep, bath tea... as crazy as it sounds (let's be fair, filling up a tea infuser and adding it to your bath water is completely mental) it's a really nice product.  The aroma once the hot water hits the tea is refreshing, but at the same time really relaxing, I could see myself really enjoying this.  It's one of the more expensive products in this release but if you want to try the range, but not flash the cash, you can get yourself something from as little as £4.00.  Each product is infused with the Green Tea too, so you'll get the same refreshing scent.

The Body Shop Vitamin C

Vitamin C Skincare
If you've been around on my blog for a while then you'll know one of my major beauty loves is skincare, so I always get excited when there's something new on the market.  Vitamin C in particular is an ingredient I always look out for, I mean who wouldn't when it has a reputation for being a great anti-ager and just generally makes skin look more glowy?!  There are only two products in this range right now, the Glow Boosting Moisturiser and Instant Glow enhancer, but after I've given these two a thorough test I hope there'll be further releases in this range.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze

Honey Bronze
I don't own a lot of makeup from The Body Shop, but most of what I do own is from the original Honey Bronze range.  You can probably imagine how pleased I was to see some new additions then, especially in the form of new shades of the fabulous bronzing powder.  The whole range is fab and I'd definitely suggest you check it out, but if I had to choose only one product I could have, it would have been the Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes.  I love a good highlighter and these had a really high end feel, they were glowy but not at all glittery and really easily blendable.  I have all 3 shades on my makeup wishlist.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito - Coming Soon!
Hmmmm mojito!  Just from the name of this range I knew it was going to be my favourite of the evening.  A good mojito on a warm summer's evening is one of my favourite things, so when I got a whiff of this range, which is deliciously full of lime and mint, I was instantly transported.  Sadly Virgin Mojito isn't released yet (I believe it's out in June) so I can't get my hands on it yet, but believe me, I will be getting pretty much the lot of it, from the exfoliator right down body splash!

So after being introduced to all of these wonderful products we were let loose to shop.  Of course I did some damage (look out for a post in the next few days to see what I got, including the goodie bag from the event) and that was it, evening over!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to play with all of the new products and hope to get to another event at The Body Shop in the near future.

What do you fancy out of the new ranges?  Is there anything you think I should try?



  1. I really want to try the Honey Bronze range, it looks awesome!

    1. Yeah some good stuff in there, I want so much of it!

  2. I really want to get my hands on ALLLLL the green tea stuff, and the upcoming mojito range sounds incredible too!

  3. I really need to get myself to a body shop and have a sniff of the green tea range, sounds heavenly!

    Dannie x


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