Friday, 29 May 2015

General Geekery | Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobbleheads

Another day, another series... well the start of one anyway.

My little corner of the internet is meant to be all about sharing my many loves in life, so I feel it would be remiss of me if I didn't talk about my array of geeky obsessions, hence General Geekery!  I don't imagine this will become a hugely regular series, but I'll be certain to post whenever I have something pressing to share.

So first up for General Geekery, allow me to introduce you to my latest prized possessions, my Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobbleheads.  Is it seen as a little bit weird for a 30-something woman to have a collection of plastic toys?  Without a doubt.  But do I care?  Hell no!

Funko have been around, making cool little collectables since 1998, but I only became aware of them a year or 2 ago when I started seeing them in the window of my local comic book shop.  Pretty soon I had a wish list as long as my arm, but I didn't actually end up owning any of the bobbleheads until really recently.  My very awesome friend Holly knew how much I wanted a Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead of my very own and after my house was burgled and I was in serious need of cheering up, she surprised me with a Dancing Groot!

You can see from the photos below that my collection has grown a bit since then and now includes Thor, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora and the Hulk to keep Dancing Groot company.

Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobbleheads, Dancing Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy
Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobbleheads, Rocket Raccoon, Guardians of the Galaxy
Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobbleheads, The Hulk, Avengers, Age of Ultron
Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobbleheads, Thor, Avengers, Thor the Dark World
Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobbleheads, Gamora, Guardians of the Galaxy

This post kind of makes it look like it, but I'm really not biased towards Marvel.  Funko make loads of different figures, and my wish list includes lots of them, including, but definitely not limited to characters from Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural.

If the ones I've mentioned aren't your thing, Funko are also licensed to produce a range of pop culture collectables featuring favourite characters from TV, Films, and Games including Marvel, DC, Hasbro, Disney, Sanrio... the list goes on!

If you're interested, you can see the whole range of Funko Collectables here and check out their Twitter where they're always tweeting about fun, geeky shenanigans.

Think Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobbleheads are the coolest (like I do) and want some for yourself?  Check out your local comic book shop or if you don’t fancy leaving the house (I often don’t) you can find a whole host of them on Amazon!

Do you have any geeky collections you’d like to share?  Or maybe have some Funko figures of your own?  I’d love to hear from you.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Work It Out Wednesday #1 | My Struggle to Lose Weight

Welcome to Work It Out Wednesday!  This is the first in a new (hopefully weekly) series on my blog where I'll be musing over anything and everything related to my continuous struggles to improve my fitness, diet and overall health.

woman, belly, measuring, health, fitness

In this first post I feel like it's important to be clear about one fact - I want (and need) to lose weight.  I wish I could be like some of the amazing plus size bloggers that are around right now and say I was happy the way I am, but the reality is that I'm not.  I'm not comfortable in my own skin, I feel self conscious and ashamed of my size and in all honesty I worry about weight-related health issues as I get older.

You'll probably know from my posts on Twitter that exercise and eating clean have become a massive part of my life again in the last year or so and I love the feeling I get from being active and feeding my body well; it's become incredibly demoralising at times though to just not see any major changes.  It hits me particularly hard when I see people I know doing less and getting far greater results, so much so that on occasions I'll admit I've fallen off the wagon in the most spectacular fashion and gone back to my old (decidedly terrible) eating habits.

All of this being said there are a few silver linings around these clouds of mine!  I've made a lot of changes to my diet in the last couple of weeks which feel really good, I'm working with an awesome Personal Trainer who's improving my strength no end, and finally I've got an early diagnosis of Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland) from my Doctor.  I know being diagnosed with any condition like this is a weird thing to see as a positive, but from my point of view it explains a lot about my weight gain and lack of energy sometimes (amongst a whole raft of other symptoms).

Overall, I'm still determined to make a difference to my health and my body; this series will undoubtedly help me with that; I hope it might prove useful to some other people too.  Until next time...


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Beauty | The Body Shop Haul

So, as mentioned in my previous post about The Body Shop event I went to in Leeds a couple of weeks ago, I did myself a little bit of skincare shopping.  Want to see what I got?  Then keep on reading...

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate

Drops of Youth Concentrate (£24.00 for 30ml)
At least three or four people at the event I was at raved about the Drops of Youth range so I felt I really needed to try something for myself.  I was sorely tempted by the Bouncy Sleeping Mask, but as I was in need of a new serum anyway, I thought that was a good a place as any to start.  I haven't tested this serum thoroughly enough to give a full review yet, but from what I've read so far I'm expecting big things!

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter (£12.00 for 90ml)
I really enjoyed using the oil version of this cleanser so trying the butter version seemed to be a bit of a no brainer.  So far I like it much more, it's far less messy to apply, but melts into an oil and easily gets rid of your cleanser.  Once I've tested this a bit more I'll post a full review.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet
Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet (£12.00 for 50ml)
This was yet another purchase which was completely enabled by the bloggers that I was with.  I said my skin needed hydration, but without a heavy greasy feeling and this was the moisturiser I was pointed at.  No verdict on it yet, but I'm hoping it goes well.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cooling BB Cream and The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment

Vitamin E Cool BB Cream and Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment (gift with purchase)
I was pretty surprised by the rather generous gift with purcase, particularly by the Vitamin E Cool BB Cream, which I've been wanting to try since I heard about its release.  Of course I couldn't be disappointed with the hand cream either, I go through so much of the stuff it's an essential to have as many around me as possible.

The Body Shop

Event Goodie Bag
So in addition to everything I purchased I was given a goodie bag at the end of The Body Shop event too.  As well as samples of all of the products we tried, we were given travel sizes of a few other products.  Needless to say I've got my bodycare and skincare needs sorted for a while.

What have you been hauling recently, anything from The Body Shop?


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Beauty | The Body Shop at White Rose, Leeds

Check me out, yet another beauty event, I felt like quite the social butterfly during April.  This particular event I only really heard about by chance when Leah, the manager of The Body Shop at the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds, tweeted about it.

The Body Shop, White Rose, Leeds

The main focus of the evening was to introduce us to a whole raft of newly released and upcoming products from The Body Shop.  There were so many products that were demonstrated and that we got to play with ourselves, but here are my favourites from the night.

The Body Shop, Fuji Green Tea

Fuji Green Tea

The real star of the Fuji Green Tea body range, and I think the product that everyone in the beauty community seems to be talking about is the Bath Tea.  Yep, bath tea... as crazy as it sounds (let's be fair, filling up a tea infuser and adding it to your bath water is completely mental) it's a really nice product.  The aroma once the hot water hits the tea is refreshing, but at the same time really relaxing, I could see myself really enjoying this.  It's one of the more expensive products in this release but if you want to try the range, but not flash the cash, you can get yourself something from as little as £4.00.  Each product is infused with the Green Tea too, so you'll get the same refreshing scent.

The Body Shop Vitamin C

Vitamin C Skincare
If you've been around on my blog for a while then you'll know one of my major beauty loves is skincare, so I always get excited when there's something new on the market.  Vitamin C in particular is an ingredient I always look out for, I mean who wouldn't when it has a reputation for being a great anti-ager and just generally makes skin look more glowy?!  There are only two products in this range right now, the Glow Boosting Moisturiser and Instant Glow enhancer, but after I've given these two a thorough test I hope there'll be further releases in this range.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze

Honey Bronze
I don't own a lot of makeup from The Body Shop, but most of what I do own is from the original Honey Bronze range.  You can probably imagine how pleased I was to see some new additions then, especially in the form of new shades of the fabulous bronzing powder.  The whole range is fab and I'd definitely suggest you check it out, but if I had to choose only one product I could have, it would have been the Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes.  I love a good highlighter and these had a really high end feel, they were glowy but not at all glittery and really easily blendable.  I have all 3 shades on my makeup wishlist.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito - Coming Soon!
Hmmmm mojito!  Just from the name of this range I knew it was going to be my favourite of the evening.  A good mojito on a warm summer's evening is one of my favourite things, so when I got a whiff of this range, which is deliciously full of lime and mint, I was instantly transported.  Sadly Virgin Mojito isn't released yet (I believe it's out in June) so I can't get my hands on it yet, but believe me, I will be getting pretty much the lot of it, from the exfoliator right down body splash!

So after being introduced to all of these wonderful products we were let loose to shop.  Of course I did some damage (look out for a post in the next few days to see what I got, including the goodie bag from the event) and that was it, evening over!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to play with all of the new products and hope to get to another event at The Body Shop in the near future.

What do you fancy out of the new ranges?  Is there anything you think I should try?


Saturday, 2 May 2015

Beauty | An Evening with Nouveau Lashes

I've never been a confident lash wearer (unless someone else applies them for me) so I've got no shame in admitting that when I was invited to spend an evening with a group of bloggers and the team from Nouveau Lashes a few weeks ago, I approached the event with equal parts excitement and trepidation.

Nouveau Lashes

I was pretty dismayed to step off the train in Leeds into a full on rainstorm, but my mood brightened significantly when I walked into the incredibly luxurious Malmaison in the City Centre and was guided to the lovely rooms where the event was taking place.

Nouveau Lashes

I was probably one of the latest to arrive and so didn't get to socialise and chat as much as I'd have liked, but it was all good when we were whisked away into an adjoining room to hear a bit about the Nouveau Lashes brand.

Nouveau Lashes

Brought to the beauty market in 2005 by Bridgette Softley and Karen Betts, Nouveau quickly excelled in creating beautiful lashes and lash treatments for everyone, including individual lash extensions which can last up to 8 weeks and a system called LVL Enhance, which uses all sorts of modern trickery to create fuller longer lashes without extensions.

Nouveau Lashes
Nouveau also offer training for beauty professionals throughout the UK and we were lucky enough to be offered a bit of a masterclass on how to apply strip lashes at the event.  Corrine was the lucky lady who got her lashes applied for her (and they looked fab); it was over in just a few minutes and then we were off to do our own!

Nouveau Lashes

Like I said, I'm not a confident lash wearer, but the ladies from Nouveau made it easy as pie, guiding me through from choosing the right lashes for my eye shape (mine are hooded apparently, shame!) to using the glue and getting the lashes on.  Honestly it was such a doddle, and of course I had to take my #UltimateLashSelfie to show off my work.

Nouveau Lashes

I left the event feeling rather proud of my efforts and armed with the Nouveau goodie bag, I know that when the occasion arises I'll totally be able to apply these lashes myself.  Bravo Nouveau!

How are you lash applying abilities?  Is Nouveau a brand you've tried before?

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