Saturday, 3 January 2015

Mini Film Reviews | Festive Favourites at City Screen York

I often feel very lucky that we have such a fantastic cinema and venue in York but never more so than during the festive season.  Of course I'm talking about City Screen, who during the month of December put on lots and lots of Christmas films to really give their patrons that feeling of festive cheer.  I for one was taking full advantage and got myself to as many showings as possible...

Die Hard
When I saw Die Hard listed in the December schedule I got myself pretty darn giddy.  People think I'm crazy when I say I like to watch it every Christmas Eve while I wrap my presents, but it's honestly one of my favourite Christmas films and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see it on the big screen (obviously I was entirely too young to see it like this when it was originally released).  What was absolutely brilliant about this showing, was that even though everyone there had pretty obviously seen the film a million times, everyone was totally 100% into it and along for the ride with our hero John McClane as he battled those Christmas-spoiling terrorists.  Yippee ki-yay motherfucker... sorry, couldn't help myself!

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Next up on my list of must-see films in December was the latest and final offering from The Hobbit franchise, or as I affectionately call it - The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, But Seriously is Jackson Going to Get Yet Another Film out of a Single Bloody Book?!  Okay, not as catchy as the title used for general release, but you get my drift...

In all seriousness though, it almost doesn't feel like Christmas without another of Peter Jackson's interpretations of Tolkien's work being released, I kind of don't know what I'm going to do without them now.  If you're looking for a film that's as true to the source material as Peter Jackson's LOTR trilogy was then I fear you're going to have a few gripes with this release, but in terms of entertainment you won't be disappointed by the sheer scale of this epic fantasy, and it's overall pretty satisfying conclusion.

It's A Wonderful Life*
Can I admit something without judgement here?  I'd never actually seen It's A Wonderful Life before I went to see it in December.  I know, shocking isn't it?!  You can see why the situation needed to be remedied.

I was initially a bit worried that this film would be a little sugar-coated for my tastes but any concerns were quickly allayed when I got immersed in the tale of George Bailey and all of the lives that would have been so much worse off if he wasn't around.  It was definitely sentimental, but so beautifully done that you couldn't help but enjoy yourself.  I can certainly see why it's an enduring classic, and one I'll definitely be watching again.

It's A Wonderful Life was the last film of the Christmas films I managed to see at City Screen in 2014, but I'll certainly look forward to the next bank holiday to see what ends up on the schedule.

You can find the listings for City Screen here.  You can also find City Screen on Twitter.

What are your favourite films for a particular season?  Did you catch any of these over the festive period?

Sharon x

*Tickets for It's A Wonderful Life provided for review purposes.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

A New Year Spending Ban & Absolutely No Blogging Resolutions

Well hello dear readers, and a Happy New Year to you all!  I hope 2015 brings you wealth, health, happiness yada, yada, yada...  y'know, all the usual stuff!

Roundabout this time last year I sat down and wrote a post all about my blogging resolutions and how I was going to get x, y and z done, and did it help?  Not even a little bit!  Similarly to 2013, I've been a bit of a crap blogger at times in 2014, there have been weeks and weeks gone by with no posts at all, but you know what I've decided this year?  That's life... mine isn't getting any less busy, so I'll continue to treat blogging as the enjoyable hobby it is (for me) and post as much as I can and when inspiration strikes.

The complete lack of blogging resolutions doesn't mean I have no plans for 2015, on the contrary I have a whole heap going on, I'm moving house at the end of January, there are exciting new projects with my day job (which I'll be able to reveal soon), some plans to give my geeky passions an outlet, and of course arrangements for interesting new content on the blog.  Also, since I got married in 2014, I'll be taking some time out for romantic trips with the hubby.

All of this is going to require cash of course, hence the New Year spending ban hinted at in my title.  I'm going to do a complete ban on spending for the month of January and then maybe continue into February.  Anyway for now, here are my rules:

During January I WILL NOT buy any of the following:
- books or magazines
- music or blu-rays
- clothes or accessories
- bottled water/drinks or takeaway coffee
- unnecessary snacks or sweets at work

A few exceptions to the rules:
Food shopping, and any costs associated with my house move are the obvious exceptions. Also I can purchase essentials (shampoo, deodorant etc.) if I run out.

Phew, well you can tell I haven't written for a little while judging by the length of this post!  Anyway, I'm off to check out what all of my favourite bloggers are up to for the New Year.

Leave me your link below if you're doing a spending ban, or if unlike me you've decided to set yourself some resolutions.

Sharon x 
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