Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Beauty | Exfolia Microexfoliation Cloth Review

I've long been an exponent of using cloths to exfoliate my face (muslin cloths and flannels, anyone?) so I was genuinely intrigued to try the Exfolia Microexfoliation Cloth* when I was contacted about it.  This little reusable microfibre cloth sounded a little different to my usual favourite muslins, claiming that it could, amongst other things, smooth & soften the skin, combat the appearance of fine lines and deep clean pores.  You can imagine how much I wanted to get my mitts on one?
Exfolia Microexfoliation Cloth

When the Exfolia Microexfoliation Cloth arrived, it was honestly a tad surprising; this looked just like the cloths that I use to clean my glasses, or to wipe down the screen on my Macbook.  How was this going to exfoliate my face at all?  On closer inspection the cloth is a little different though; running your fingers across the surface you can feel a very slight texture, not exactly rough, but not completely smooth either.  I was fascinated enough to use the Exfolia in my shower that evening.

After reading the instructions carefully (does anyone else do this obsessively with a new product?) I decided to try in the first instance 'The 1 Minute Surprise' that the makers of the cloth recommend.  Basically this involved using the cloth with my favourite cleanser, and washing one side of my face with 9/10 gentle strokes, then washing the other side as I normally would.  I won't overstate things and say a miracle happened in that first test, but after patting dry my face I thought there was definitely some smoothing effect on the 'Exfolia' side.

Exfolia Microexfoliation Cloth

As the instructions suggest only using the cloth 2-3 times a week I left it a few days until my next try, again I used it in the shower, after I had removed my makeup, and with my favourite cream cleanser.  This time I was slightly more vigorous with the 'strokes' of the cloth and boy did I feel the exfoliation then!  There wasn't any damage done, but I could see how if I'd had sensitive skin it would have been too much.  Anyway, my skin was left feeling decidedly smoother after this go, but on further use I went a bit more gently.  In addition to using the cloth for my face, I've tried it out the Exfolia on my body too, more specifically on my arms.  I suffer from the dreaded keratosis pilaris (little goose bumps that never go away) on my upper arms and have found that whilst there was no great 'ta-da' moment where everything was fixed, the texture of the skin there has absolutely been improved.

Overall I'd say there has been some definite improvement in the texture of my skin from using the Exfolia cloth, I really do feel like I'm getting a deep clean and whilst I haven't been using it for long enough to really assess it's effects on fine lines (not that I have too many mind!) I'm hopeful of seeing results.  I'll get plenty more use out of this one cloth too, according to the instructions it can be used 60 to 80 times, as long as you keep it clean and cared for (I've been washing mine with antibacterial hand soap).

The Exfolia Microexfoliation Cloth is suitable for all skin types (just be slightly gentle with sensitive skin), it is £10.35 and can be found here.

What are your favourite methods of exfoliation?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

Sharon x 

*Product provided for review.  Rambling and opinions 100% my own.


  1. I'm an old fashioned girl and I like to use scrubs and flannels to exfoliate my face! For a deeper clean I whip out my Magnitone Pulsar but I'm useless for remembering to charge it!

    Dannie x

    1. I do still love those, but this is a pretty nice alternative I reckon ;)

      Not tried any of the brush thingies, would love to try one soon x


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