Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Late Summer Homeware Haul

You may have noticed from my last post (click here if you fancy a read), but I've been feeling the need to splurge more than a little recently, and I don't know if it's because I've recently got married and want to nest, but I've been wanting to buy lots of bits and pieces for the home.  I've been hitting up TK Maxx and John Lewis most for my homeware buying needs, check out what I've been getting...

Wooden Wick Scented Candles (£6.99 each, TK Maxx) - I know summer isn't actually over yet, but since it's been getting a bit darker and a good deal cooler, I'm completely in a candle mood.  These two candles are deliciously scented and even better they've got a wooden wick that crackles away merrily like a fire when you light them.  I don't want them to ever run out.

Star Basket (£6.99, TK Maxx) - My kitchen table has become a bit of a dumping ground recently.  Literally, whenever we come into the house keys, wallets, post and all manner of other random things get dumped there until it feels like it's overflowing.  This basket is my attempt to ensure the flotsam and jetsam doesn't get too out of hand, it's small enough to not take up the entire table, but big enough to be a bit of a catch all for the detritus.  Here's hoping it works!

Sea Grass Place Mats (£1, John Lewis) - This is my attempt at brightening up my kitchen, I love the bright colour and the cotton edging on these.  Hopefully they'll last well, but whether they do or not they were a bargainous price!

Oriental Patterned Bowls (£14.99, TK Maxx) - Just how pretty are these bowls?  I've been eyeing a similar style in Waitrose but didn't want to pay £4 or £5 a bowl; I was helpless to resist when I saw these ones in TK Maxx though, I love the mismatched patterns and finish; so pretty.

H20 Embossed Glasses - I really like the style of recycled glasses and the embossed, typographic design on these really caught my attention, I've got a bit of a thing for anything with this design.  They'll get plenty of use in my kitchen anyway.

Do you get in the mood to buy homewares at times like I do?  What are your favourite shops?

Sharon x


  1. Oooh I love that star basket. Need to get myself homeware shopping I think.xx

  2. I love homeware, definitely a fan of TKMaxx for their eclectic selection. Really love the vibrant colours of the bowls you chose. Been making a list of things I'm gonna need when I move out which may be a while away but figure if I can get anything in the sales I'll be saving big bucks ;)!

    Would love to see more posts like this.

    x Claire

  3. Lovely photos! Love that star basket. I really like TKMaxx for their stuff. Love the colours you have here.


  4. Those dishes are so pretty! Really need to check some out for myself...feel a dinner party coming on!

    Sarah | seriouslyshallow.co.uk


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