Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Health and Fitness Goals for 2014

In the past I have generally failed in the most epic fashion when it comes to any New Year's resolutions relating to health and fitness, but seeing other bloggers' posts about their goals for this year (not necessarily fitness related) has made me feel pretty motivated to set some for myself.

To give myself every chance I can to succeed, I've decided to keep my health and fitness goals for 2014 pretty simply, so without further ado here they are!

1 - Get back to the gym
I joined my gym, Emperors in York, in the early summer of 2013.  I started out with so much enthusiasm, got a training plan designed for me by one of the Personal Trainers, and was slowly but surely starting to see some progress.  Unfortunately, when I had an accident on my bike in September I had to put my exercise plan on hold for a good few weeks, and after that I just sort of lost my motivation to go at all.  I'm determined to start going back from this week, I'll start my plan from the beginning again, and in a few weeks book a few more sessions in with Mark (the PT who designed my plan).  Expect to read more about how my training is going over the coming weeks and months.

A picture of the weights section at Emperors Health Club and Gym
Image courtesy of Emperors

2 - Start meal planning
I've never been a big eater of ready meals but as my work schedule has gotten busier and winter has been drawing in my diet has gotten progressively worse, particularly at lunch time.  It's all too easy to go into one of the many sandwich shops in York and get something that's full of fat and salt and just generally really bad for me.  One of the ways I've started to combat this has been preparing lunch for work for a few days at a time, this way I know when hunger strikes, I've got myself something healthy to eat.  In 2014 I plan to continue this into my other meals, planning out breakfasts, dinners and snacks, to go along with my lunches.

Some of the lunches the Mr and I have prepared this week. I'll keep posting these on my Instagram

3 - Drink more water
The last of my health goals for 2014 and the most simple.  Or at least you'd think it would be simple, but somehow I can manage to go an entire day at times barely drinking more than a couple of glasses of water.  We all know by now how important it is to keep hydrated and when I haven't managed it I really feel the difference, my skin feels dry and I'm pretty lethargic.  This year I've decided no more!  I'm going to carry a bottle of water with me at all times and make sure I'm drinking regularly, I've also downloaded an app to help me monitor my intake (it's called Water Balance and is actually quite handy so far).

I do have some other smaller goals for 2014, including mixing up my exercise a bit, but I'll probably include these in an update at a later date.

Leave me a comment if you've set yourself any New Year's Resolutions that relate to health and fitness.

Sharon x


  1. I'm joining a gym in a few weeks and I'm really nervous. I'm really scared it'll be a load of intimidating gym monkeys! Good resolutions and hope you keep it up! Good luck.


    1. I was really intimidated before joining Emperors actually - it used to have a reputation for being a body builder's gym, but pretty much everyone there is really nice.

      And thanks, i hope I keep it up too :)

      Sharon x


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