Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hello 2014 and my blogging resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

A suitable New Year image
Look! These lanterns could represent my resolutions for 2014, look at 'em go!
Ok, ok, so I was a really crap blogger for quite a good chunk of 2013.  I didn't mean to be, in fact sometime earlier in the year I really thought I'd hit my stride, I was going to events, getting some great feedback on my posts, and the poof, life stuff got in the way!  You know how it goes, it's all too easy to get overwhelmed by everything going on; work, family, etc, etc...

Anyhow, now 2014 has arrived I'm determined to find some balance in my work and personal life, and I'm totally getting my blogging mojo back.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, I'm glad you asked, I happen to have set myself a couple of blogging resolutions and I reckon that by posting them here, I'll actually have to keep up with them.  My resolutions are:

  1. In 2014 I'd like to get myself into a regular posting routine - at the moment I know I can't commit to blogging every day, but a few times a week would be completely doable
  2. Carry a blogging notebook - I used to be so good at doing this, I'd often think up some great new ideas whilst I was out and about and could get on with writing them the next time I was near my laptop
  3. Get a new blog design - the layout right now is very simple and easy to navigate but is maybe a little bit bare.  I'd like to change it as soon as possible, I just need to work out what I want!
  4. Get to events - last year was great for this in that I met some really lovely Yorkshire bloggers - I'd like to continue that this year so plan to go to as many events as I can manage
  5. Be a bit more active on social media - I've been a bit pants on the social media front in the last couple of months too.  I really miss having a good natter with everyone, especially on Twitter, so I need to do more of this
Well I think that's enough for me to be getting on with for now.  I might schedule myself a post in for the end of January to see how I'm getting started on my resolutions, I've gotta tell you though, I'm feeling good about this year!

Here's hoping you all have a fantastic 2014!  Leave me a comment or your link if you've set yourself any resolutions, blogging or otherwise.

Sharon x


  1. Totally agree with all of these! Josie xxx

    1. Haha thanks, here's hoping i can stick with them :)

      Sharon x

  2. Great resolutions and I'm looking forward to having you around more! :)

    1. Thanks hun! Hope to see you at another meetup or something soon :)

      Sharon x

  3. Great set of blogging resolutions! Happy 2014, have a good one!



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