Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Melt Luxury Scented Candle

I've turned into such a scented candle fan recently; sometimes I like nothing better than getting home on an evening lighting a candle and being surrounded by a beautiful fragrance as I relax.  I have quite a selection to choose from these days too, but I've found the handmade scented candles by Melt to be a particularly welcome addition in my home.

A Melt Scented Candle, pictured against a pale background in daylight

Melt is a brand I only came across very recently; my fiance and I found them in the Yorkshire Soap Company store in York and spent an age trying to decide on our favourite scent, we must have smelled each candle about three times but never quite came to an agreement on one!  Oddly only a couple of days later I was contacted and asked if I'd like to test out a Melt candle, I jumped at the chance, and even better was sent a candle to try in the fragrance I liked the most.

The candle I've been burning is called 'Noir' it was Melt's first ever fragrance and is described as "truly oriental, as deep and dark as they come."  Straight out of the box and on its first lighting this candle filled my living room with it's aroma, a blend of bergamot, rose, clove, patchouli, sandalwood and sweet vanilla.  I'm completely in love with all of these ingredients, the resulting scent is as deep and rich as Melt describe and feels incredibly sensual.  My fiance doesn't love it quite as much as I do though, he prefers a lighter scent.

A Melt Scented Candle against a pale background at night

Not only does this candle smell amazing, but the sleek black and white packaging (with its tactile label) and comfortingly heavy glass jar exude luxury.  I particularly like the filigree type design on one side of the glass, I'll definitely keep this jar once the candle has burned completely, that may take quite some time however as the candle has a burn time of 70+ hours.  I like the care that goes into making these candles too, the ingredients are selected carefully and each of candle can take up to 36 hours to produce with the people at Melt pouring each one by hand.  That's dedication!

Whilst I'd definitely purchase a Melt candle in the 'Noir' scent for just myself, next time I might try something a little lighter and fresher that my fiance and I will enjoy equally.  There are over 30 scents to choose from (with prices ranging from £7.50 to £32.50) so I'm sure we'll find something!

You can find Melt's selection of candles here.

What's your favourite scented candle?  Have you tried anything from Melt before?

Sharon x

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  1. I was sent ginger and bergamont they are so luxurious

    1. I bet ginger and bergamot would be amazing - I'll have a look out for that one when I go back to the Yorkshire Soap Company :-)

      Sharon x


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