Sunday, 20 January 2013

Tattoo Aftercare: Missy LePink's Tattoo Tonic

As some of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram (I'm @StargazyEyes on both) may know, I had the 2nd sitting on my latest tattoo at the beginning of January.  With so much work going into this piece, just under 6 hours, with another 2 or 3 left to go, I obviously want to make sure I use good aftercare to heal it properly and make sure it looks as good as it can for as long as possible.

Now, When it comes to tattoo aftercare, many of the artists I've been to have recommended using Bepanthen, a nappy rash cream, for the duration of the healing process.  While I had no problems using the stuff on some of my tattoos, on others, and particularly those that were larger, I found myself having problems.  Essentially the Bepanthen was great in the first few days (it soothed, stopped any itching and acted as barrier) but thereafter I felt it was actually hindering the healing process, making my newly tattooed skin feel overly hot, swollen and generally uncomfortable.

Since then I've used a couple of different types of aftercare on my tattoos, but I've still been on the search for that something special, which leads me on to my latest find, Missy LePink's Tattoo Tonic.

Miss LePink's Tattoo Tonic

I'm almost ashamed to say that when I first saw this balm on display at Tattoo Jam last year I didn't pay very much attention, except to notice the very glamorous pink-haired lovely (who I now realise must have been Missy LePink herself) talking to a few people at the booth.  Something obviously stayed with me though as when I was looking for some aftercare at the beginning of this month for my latest sitting I remembered the name of Missy LePink and came across the tattoo tonic site almost immediately.

I placed my order on a Sunday night and was very pleased that my balm got delivered by the following Tuesday, safely transported in a shiny pink foiled padded envelope.  The first thing to note about this balm was the quality of the packaging, the dark glass jar is dual purpose in that it feels luxurious, but more importantly protects the ingredients it contains from the damaging effects of sunlight.  The second thing I noted was the lovely herbal (but not medicinal) smell of the balm, the ingredients are 100% natural and vegan and include Wheat Germ Oil (high in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids) Neroli Oil (a natural antiseptic that also improves the tone and texture of skin) and Rosemary Oil (a wonderful skin softener).  The rest of the ingredients, on a wonderfully short list, all have similarly restorative properties that have to be respected.

Like many natural balms the texture of the Tattoo Tonic is quite thick so to apply I warmed it between my fingers for a little while before smoothing over my cleansed and dried tattoo.  I used it from the 3rd day after being tattooed and for the remainder of my healing and found that as well as making my skin smell very nice indeed, it kept the tattoo feeling comfortable, moisturised and looking bright and beautiful.  I also applied a little to my older tattoos and found it made the colour fresher and more vibrant.  All in all I adore Missy LePink's Tattoo Tonic and will definitely be repurchasing for future tattoos, I still have half a jar left though so it might be a while yet!

Missy LePink's Tattoo Tonic is £12 for 30ml and can be found here

What aftercare do you like to use on your tattoos?

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