Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

When it comes to the world of natural skincare products, Trilogy is one of those brands I’d always wanted to try, but had never seen in a skincare shop or department store until I went to Newcastle at the beginning of July (you can find my haul post here).

Founded by two sisters in 2002, Trilogy’s passion for high performance natural skincare and commitment to sustainability and the environment is very clear and counts amongst the many reasons I wanted to try the brand.  Now I’ve had a chance to sample a few products from their range, I really regret not seeking them out sooner.

Probably Trilogy’s best known product (and the one I’ve been thoroughly trying out) is the Certified Organic Rosehip Oil.  Rosehip oil in general is quite well known to be high in essential fatty acids and vitamins A and C, and looking at Trilogy’s website (here), their oil has had some pretty impressive results in clinical trials; reducing the appearance of scars by 41%, stretch marks by 43% and wrinkles by 23%.  I was very excited to try it!

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

The oil itself is golden in colour, very lightweight, has no distinctive odour and a few drops in the hand go a very long way.  I’ve used it every day since I bought it as part of my evening skincare routine, applying the oil in upward strokes before my moisturiser, and found it absorbs very quickly, and in 6 weeks I’ve used around ¼ of my 20ml bottle.  The packaging, a dark glass bottle, feels quite luxurious and almost apothecary-like and the glass dropper makes it very easy to use just the right amount.  I’ve been using the oil on my face, neck and décolleté, so while there are certainly no stretch marks to contend with, I do have a few fine lines and scars that I hoped the oil would work on (I was a very clumsy child!).

As I haven’t been using the oil both morning and night as is suggested I hadn’t expected speedy results so I was really surprised to notice my skin looking much brighter and quite a bit healthier about 10 days into using it.  Still using it every day, this effect hasn’t diminished at all and if anything, my skin feels plumper and better hydrated.  My skin tends to be normal to dry, and while in the past some facial oils have given me congestion after a few days application, I haven’t experienced anything like that with the Trilogy oil.  I’ve even started using it on my body, mixing a couple of drops in with my usual body moisturiser.

My long term hope is that using the oil will plump out some of the fine lines on my forehead and improve the appearance of some scars I have from cold sores (and one or two from falling over and bashing myself as a little ‘un) but even with the results I’ve had so far I’m very impressed and will definitely repurchase.  Next time I’m going for the 45ml bottle, along with a few other goodies from their range.

Have you tried Trilogy products before?

What is your favourite natural skincare brand?

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