Monday, 9 July 2012

New Vans

Today was a sad day for me; it was the day when I finally admitted my last pair of beloved Adidas Superstar IIs were a complete disgrace and must be retired in favour of some new footwear.

Now I don't know if any other Superstar lovers out there have noticed this, but it seems to be practically impossible to get hold of any interesting new designs these days, they're all just plain, plain, plain.  Nothing like the amazing anniversary editions that used to happen; anyone remember the 35th Anniversary series from 2005?  If not check them out by clicking here.  I still wish I could collect them all!

Anyhow, I digress; I made a quick stop at Office today to pick out some new everyday casual trainers, and since there were no Superstars to choose from I went for Vans.

Vans Canvass Trainers
This is the first pair of Vans I've ever owned actually, although I've had a few pairs of Converse in the past which I suppose are quite similar.  I was attracted to them because of the thick white soles and neutral grey canvas, but I also love the bright blue laces and blue tag.  I'll probably switch to some white laces on occasion, but either way I know these will fit right into my wardrobe.

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