Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Favourite Reads - Women of the Otherworld

I love, love, love reading fiction with a fantasy/supernatural vibe.  It's a genre I've been into since I first saw Buffy on TV many many moons ago and subsequently found a wealth of fantasy and supernatural reads in the local book shop.  Don't get me wrong, my Kindle and bookshelves are packed full of a mix of genres, but when I'm craving a good hit of escapism I always reach for something in and around the supernatural, and quite often urban fantasy.

I think this genre draws me especially because it has so many interesting characters and creatures, but it's still based in a world we can identify with, that feels gritty and real.  One of my favourite series of books from this genre in recent years is the Women of the Otherworld, written by Kelley Armstrong.

The series starts with a book called Bitten; it's difficult to describe without giving away too many spoilers, but in essence, the book tells the tale of Elena, the world's only female werewolf.  She's a strong, modern woman trying to live her own life, but there are parts of her nature and her life with her pack that she just can't seem to leave behind.  I enjoyed this book immensely, it's really well paced, and the characters from Elena to her pack leader are nicely developed.  It was an easy decision to buy the next few books in the series once I'd nearly finished this one.

Each subsequent book introduces new, strong, female characters, including witches, demons, and ghosts, and it's interesting to see how their lives start to interconnect with Elena's as the series develops.  I'd definitely recommend these books to anyone who's enjoyed the Morganville books, Twilight or the Mercy Thompson series, but be warned they're definitely not YA books.  I'll definitely keep reading the series anyway.

What are your favourite fantasy or supernatural books?


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