Sunday, 17 June 2012

Exercise and diet.... still going...

I've really got into Weight Watchers over the past few weeks and I'm so pleased to have dropped half a stone so far! 

It's been surprisingly easy to fit counting Pro Points into my everyday life again.  I tend to carry around the cute little journal with me so I can write down the Pro Points of everything I've eaten.  Since everything I do at work or at home tends to revolve around technology, phones, laptops/PCs or even my kindle, I enjoy taking a few moments to get away from all of that to make sure my journal is up to date.  I do find some of the Weight Watchers online tools useful too, but for the most part I stick with my little book.

Up until this week the exercise side of healthy lifestyle plan wasn't going quite so well as the changes to my diet.  Although I'd still been cycling everywhere, I hadn't been to the gym in more than a fortnight and couldn't seem to get the energy up to go, and it was hurting like hell when I did go.  Finally this week I made an appointment with a trainer to get my plan looked at again.  As it turned out, the one I was on had been made a little too advanced for me (hence the pain) and I got yet another new plan written.  Already I can feel the difference; my new workout is less than an hour long but is really targeted, and I feel like it's doing me some good.

Whatever hiccups happen in the short-term, it's not a quick-fix I'm after with this healthy lifestyle plan of mine, but if I keep my goals in mind I'm sure I'll get to where I want to be.

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