Monday, 25 June 2012

Accessories Haul

After my last haul I told myself (like I always do) that I wasn't going to do any spending, but when Urban Outfitters opened in York this month and then had a sale, I thought to myself it'd be rude not to buy a little something.  Wouldn't it?  And as for the other goodies from elsewhere, well, a girl's got to try and look her best...

Turquoise Skull Bracelet (Urban Outfitters) - I love this bracelet so much, and it incorporates two of my favourite things, skulls and bright colour.  It looks really nice on its own or layered up with other bracelets for an arm candy look.

Skull Necklace (Urban Outfitters) - The best thing about this short necklace is how delicate and feminine it looks from a distance, and how it shocks more conservative types when they get up close and see it ;-)

Hamsa Hand Necklace and Crescent Moon Necklace (Urban Outfitters) - These are two quite long necklaces, they look great with casual tees at a weekend and I love them layered up together with the little skull necklace.

Loungefly Earrings ( - These were such a bargain, 6 pairs of earrings for £10!  I'm totally in love, particularly with the sugar skulls and stripy hearts.

Owl Ring ( - I'm not normally much of a wearer of rings, except my engagement ring, but I just loved this little guy and his sparkly blue eyes.

Hamsa Hand Earrings (Urban Outfitters) - Well, I just couldn't say no when I saw these, they're so little and cute and were only £6

Peace Vest (Ark Sale Store, York) - I've been pretty good at resisting the urge to buy clothes this month but I would have kicked myself if I'd have let this one go.  It's got that perfect balance of baggy but flattering, has drop armholes and just feels so perfect for summer (if summer ever turns up, that is).

My purchases this month have pleased me so much, but always I've got in the back of my mind that I need to hurry up and get to my goal so I can buy lots of clothes.  And in the meantime, if I get depressed about not being there yet, I go and get myself some skincare and pampering goodies.  That haul is coming very soon... 


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