Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Religion Undivided Purse

It's so rare for me to ever like purses, so I was delighted when I found and instantly loved the Religion Undivided purse.  It wasn't easy getting hold of it though. I originally saw it in Topshop back in December but didn't have the cash for it.  As is pretty typical of me, I then took ages deciding if I actually wanted to buy it or not, and when I finally made my mind up and got myself back to Topshop it was gone.  Gutted!

I didn't give up there though, I spent what seemed like forever searching all over the internet trying to find somewhere else that stocked it.  I even tried asking Religion if they knew where might have one; they were pretty useless though, answering my email to say they'd look into it but never actually getting back to me.  Eventually i found it, completely by chance, on House of Fraser's website and purchased it immediately.

When it arrived after a week I was so pleased with it, it's got kind of a beat-up look about it, and anything with both studs and a Union Jack involved is a winner for me.  It's got a surprising amount of space when it opens up too and comfortably takes all of my cards and a bit of change.  I hope we'll be very happy together for many moons to come.

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