Sunday, 18 March 2012

Not so great

Ok, so I've been feeling absolutely horrible the last few days.  I was already feeling quite run down, and drinking lots of extra water seems to have made all those nasty toxins heading out of my system have some interesting effects.  I've had a cold sore (made much less severe by taking copious amounts of lysine), some lovely breakouts and just a general feeling of exhaustion and ickiness. Charming!

I've been doing a few things to try and help me feel better since Friday though and so far it seems to be working.  I've been taking shots of wheatgrass, drinking smoothies, and generally trying to stick with making good nutritious food.  Now, wheatgrass tastes disgusting, and I don't have it very often, but with all those extra amino acids, vitamins and minerals it's one of those things I always reach for when I'm not feeling my best.

Anyway, now that I'm feeling a little better I have absolutely no excuse not to get on with my exercise plan, so in approximately 45 minutes, I will be having an induction at my local gym.  I'm hoping I'll be one of those people who gets bitten by the exercise bug once I get going, but I suspect I'm more likely to find it a terminal chore.  Oh well...

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